Emerald Engagement Rings – Important Things To Consider For A Good Buy

Among the top most famousgemsfor mounting the jewellery with are emeralds after the diamonds. These rare types of green stone look wonderful because of its classic, simple and elegant look.Emeralds are next to diamonds when it comes to the ring stones for engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings. Emerald rings are desired not only because of its affordability, but also because the little pieces of happiness it gives.

However, you need to be very careful before you buy Emerald Engagement Rings. Just like Emerald Engagement Rings
any other famous product, the evil people have developed many emeraldslooking fake imitates. In addition to this, there are several other important things which you need to consider for a good buy of Emerald Engagement Rings, which are as follows:

  1. Check the Clarity and Colour of the Stone:

Emeralds are considered to be the illustrious green stones. So ensure the colour scheme of the ring stone is bright green which is a symbol that you are getting the pure quality Emerald. Crystal clear emerald and diamond ring in white gold looks perfect. Thus, focus on the clarity of the stone as well by putting it in the light and seeing its transparency. Do not buy the emerald stone if it has blurredspots in it. Don’t forget to ask if the stone has been oil-treated, so that afterwards it may not lose its shine during heat cleansing.

  1. Examine the Shape of the Stone:

Emerald Engagement RingThe shape of the stone must bein accordance with the fingers of your fiancée so it may superbly match your wife-to-be’s beauty.Mostly, the emeralds are available in square and rectangular shape. But you can also get them in the shape and style you want. Choose the shape that is desired by your fiancée and which will be looking more attractive on the precious hands.

  1. Determine the Weight:

Like other jewellery stones, the weight of the emeralds is measured in carats, which is the gap between the original stone and the oil used to fill it. The higher the carat emerald stone is, the higher shall be the quality and price. However, the carat is not the only criteria determining the quality of the emerald. There are many other things as well, which you shall take into account to judge the quality of the stone.

  1. Ring metal:

Emerald Engagement Ring will be durable, and perfect if you choose the right combination of the metal and the stone. Usually emerald and diamond ring in white gold are superb looking, however, you can also get it with the platinum and yellow stone. The size and weight of the metal should be in accordance with the size and shape of the stone.

  1. Budget:

It is a custom to spend a two month’s salary on the engagement ring, but it solemnly depends upon you whether you want to go for it or not. However, staying in your budget constraints is rational and recommended.

The above mentioned things are strongly recommended that must not be ignored while buying the Emerald Engagement Ring. It will surely make your emerald engagement ring a good buy as well.

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